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Why InSoFast Panels will work better.

Easy to handle
Easy to handleFactory direct shipping to your project saves you money and hassle. One full box of InSoFast panels weighs less than four 2x4 - 8' long.

Fast installation
In many cases, your first trip to the lumber yard to pick out and load building materials into your vehicle will take more time than installing the InSoFast panels.

"Howard and I have about ¾ of our project completed as of 1/18/12, and we could not be happier. We really have worked about 3 hours or so on two separate days due to work obligations. InSoFast is all it is billed to be. We are thrilled about how easy it has been to install and work with." Ohio Project size: 192 L.F. @ 8'-6" high

Quiet installation
No worries about working late at night and disturbing the family. Generally, no power tools are necessary to install the InSoFast panels. If you can work a chalk gun, you should be more than qualified to install InSoFast panels.

Ease of Use
Ease of UseThe novice has nothing to worry about when working with InSoFast panels. The self-aligning tabs keep everything aligned.

InSoFast panel can easily be worked around existing conditions such as duct work, electrical, or beams.

Peace of Mind
InSoFast is a much more durable product than wood framing and fiberglass insulation.

The InSoFast stud with never warp, twist, bow, shrink, or rot and the InSoFast foam insulation is mold and mildew resistant.

Better Insulation
InSoFast vs R-13 Fiberglass ChartAccording to a Department of Energy study, continuous insulation like the InSoFast wall system outperforms a 2x4 framed wall with R-13 fiberglass insulation by 8%.